Sample O&E Title Search Preliminary Title Report

Take a look at the sample Owner and Encumbrance report. The O&E is the standard of the industry; it includes: Legal description, Property information with photo, Deed history, Mortgage priority and detail, any existing Liens, and Property taxes. Additional research is available: see our sample Critical Foreclosure Information at the bottom.                        PDF

Title report Florida

Sample Critical Foreclosure Information (CFI)

Take a look at the sample Critical Foreclosure Information. The CFI is a custom add on to the standard O&E report and is offered exclusively by A Sure Title Search. Standard O&E with added CFI includes: Property Equity, HOA Research – Yearly Fees, Unpaid Balance (if available), HOA Risk Assessment, Pending Cases and Judgments, Additional Owner and Tax Information – Business Tax, Sales Tax, Income Tax Liens

Select CFI option on the order page for an additional $79 PDF

Title Report

You must always consult with a real estate attorney before the purchase of any property. A Sure Title Search Vonntaj LLC cannot be held accountable to the accuracy of public records or any open liens not recorded.  This title search is meant to be used as a point of reference and should always be reviewed by a qualified attorney.